Who We Are

Voicetec is the leading provider for standardized SIP communications systems in the business sector in Switzerland. With Voicetec you commit to an ideal source for a complete solution in the field of telephone, networks, and a fixed network connection. With our proven expertise and unique experience in the VoIP field we are equipped with the resources for any matters concerning the topic of telephone and network, as well as the qualifications to provide first class service for both small and larger projects.

The company was founded in March 2005 and has its headquarters in Baden-Dättwil. Currently 21 people are employed – 5 of which are students of whose education we attach great importance. With the training of apprentices, we can ensure that we always have suitable professionals with professional know-how in the operation-relevant areas (development, support, and system engineering). Since the company was founded, we have trained a total of 16 students, from which five employees have joined the company so far. Management and employees of Voicetec have a thorough knowledge in their fields and are more than 10 years active in the field of IT and telephone.

Since the Voicetec Network Solutions AG Bakom is a registered telephone provider, we are the only provider in Switzerland that can offer a complete system including a landline connection. For you this means that in the future you have a single point of contact, consequently minimizing troubleshooting time.

The Voicetec Network Solutions AG currently schedules almost 3 million call minutes per month for more than 3,000 customers. This corresponds to approximately 50,000 phone extension lines, which are served through our platform.


Voicetec Network Solutions AG offers as an SIP and VoIP provider for over 8 years high-quality Internet telephone services in the business customer area. In Switzerland there no other provider except Voicetec that both develops and installs telephone systems, and at the same time cares for the needs of telephone customers as closely as we do. Furthermore, you can count the following experiences and skills:

  • Since its founding in 2005, we have designed and installed over 600 telephone systems and gateway solutions. The know-how is sector independent, ranging from small enterprises to large companies with numerous branches or subsidiaries
  • We have experience in community areas and failure-critical institutions (Nottwil municipality, Unterentfelden community, various nursing homes)
  • We have always kept up with the latest technologies
  • A redundant design our own platform ensures virtually 100% availability. We have recorded no failure in telephone or the internet for more than two years
  • Our telephone system offers the possibility of an emergency backup via ISDN and the diversion to mobile phones in case of a malfunction of the telephone system
  • Out telephone platform has been 100% available for two years.
  • Existing 24h monitoring for continuous active monitoring of the system, with automatic information sent to the Voicetec Support Team outside office hours



Reliability and protection of your telephone system against attacks from outside are the focus of our recent developments. With high-performance, environmentally and technologically advanced hardware, we offer a high reliability of the existing systems and grant your and our data consistency.

One storage system is designed to offer cloud solutions in sufficient capacity. These operating systems and software solutions are on the cutting edge of technology. In order to transport and store the growing volumes of data, we use an HP StorageWorks EVA system. The system has a current capacity of 84 Terabytes. For data exchange between the servers (or handler) systems and the storage system, a fiber optic network was built. This network is designed with full redundancy and distributed through two “Brocade” fiber optic switches.

In this way the myPhone scheduling platform was replaced in 2010 by a high-availability and fault-tolerant solution and placed on a "carrier-grade" level (high availability, load balancing, flexibility). Here all existing functions such as VoiceBox, parallel ringing, multi ringing, call recording and call forwarding are integrated into the new system and additional new features such as TLS / SRTP, carrier fallback and failover number implemented. We now have an extremely attractive and safe platform. Since the beginning of 2011 the individual SIP servers have instead been going through an SBC (Session Border Controller) and lying behind SIP cluster. Developed by us, SBC is able to handle several thousand simultaneous calls and is designed redundantly to avoid interruption. The calls will depend on the service and style adopted by the mentioned cluster and be further processed. This change has increased the availability over 99.95%. At the same time the already high call quality was raised again.

Currently our telephone database will be replaced by a multi-master Galera Cluster. To ensure high availability of the service further to ensure even with greatly increasing data volume. With your entire telephone customer base, Voicetec currently generates 3 million new records monthly.


As a special advantage we see our own development of the product range with the use of open standards (for example, SIP) and current technologies (for example, FreeSWITCH). With the use of technical aids, we place special emphasis on reliability and quality. The future development of voxGate products on a professional level is paramount to be able to act as a modern provider with a cutting-edge-technology on the market. Because in the future the telephone does not have to necessarily be domiciled on the company site, we have developed innovative solutions that meet future requirements: i.e. local phone systems as well as hostedPBX within a highly available environment, which are united in one basic product. The advantage of hostedPBX is that the customer doesn’t have to make any major investments, but pays per user. 

Our phone systems are continuously in line with changing customer needs and features developed and equipped with the latest software updates.

With our VoIP monitoring system we monitor the entire telephone traffic between our data centers and individual customers. It is possible to generate reports that identify the values (Packet Loss, delay, jitter, MOS) and thus makes troubleshooting much easier and assignable with customer complaints.

Live Monitoring: telephone systems with Service Level Agreement are permanently monitored by the on voxGate integrated module "voxMonitor". voxMonitor sends via SNMP all functionally relevant information to our monitoring system. These data are analyzed on the monitoring system and displayed visually on our surveillance monitors in the support department. In case of an irregularity or a failure, our technicians are alerted immediately. In this way we can intervene promptly and proactively, should have a malfunction or a failure.

Quality and performance

In 2012 Voicetec telephone customers saved nearly 2 million CHF. But not at any price. Our network specialists ensure, together with the cost savings, the quality of phone calls. So the server farm can be constantly up with the latest technological standards, developed and maintained redundantly. The call quality of all calls can be controlled via live monitoring anytime. Just like the telephone systems of our customers via 24h monitoring, their functionality and their condition are monitored.

Currently 50,000 people are calling daily through myPhone - our telephone platform. We also attach great importance to transparently explained costs, and to have our customers change providers as easy as possible. Voicetec customers are not tied with oppressive contracts, but are convinced through quality and performance.

We are proud to count ourselves in one of the leading technology platforms in Voice over IP business in Switzerland 

We are constantly on optimizing our internal processes. If you, the customer, notice something that in your view does not work optimally, we are always very grateful for corresponding constructive feedback.

To quote an experienced telecommunications professional: "Voicetec Network Solutions AG is totally misjudged in the market. This company is technologically ahead of your competition by miles". Such statements reward our daily efforts very naturally and let us hope together with you on a successful company development.

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