Phone Numbers

Why Choose Us?


If you want your incoming calls to be reachable via our system, you can either purchase new phone numbers or migrate your current one.

Phone numbers need to be purchased for the period of at least 12 months and the overall cost depends on the amount of phone numbers per block. A block of numbers is defined by consecutive numbers with the same prefix.

Note that you can always check your phone number subscription and its expiration date in your Voicetec account. Additionally, we'll send you an e-mail reminder 35 days before the expiration date, so you can decide if you are happy with our services and if you would like to continue using them.

We are very proud to say that all of our customers are not tied with oppressive contracts, but are convinced with quality and performance that we have to offer.


Why Migrating to Our Platform?

  • Talk from 2 Rp/min on Swiss landlines
  • No base fees and no minimum contract duration in the "budget" rate
  • No setup fees
  • No minimum required turnover
  • Additional functions such as answering machine (voiceBox), simultaneous ring and faxBox can be ordered individually
  • Calls possible on a PC using any SIP-enabled software
  • Fax transmission and reception
  • Usable on any broadband internet connection (e.g., DSL, cable), even when you are away! (Hotel, airport, etc.)
  • Real phone numbers with local area codes at low rates
  • Caller I.D. and more features as according to ISDN
  • Calls with ISDN quality
  • Usable without a PC
  • You can use your existing telephones (ISDN and/or analog) or use a VoIP-telephone (SIP-Phone)
Reduce Your Costs

National Numbers

Porting an existing phone number

Port your existing fixed or VoIP numbers to Voicetec and reduce your current costs and other service fees - no strings attached.

Partial Porting

Port your existing fixed network connection partially to Voicetec. We'll continue maintaining your number from the previous provider and you can also start making calls through us with it. Incoming calls will still be managed through your previous connection.

  • requirement
    • The prerequisite is that you have opened an account with us with the new or to be ported number.
  • fill out form
    • Create with the adjacent form the proxy for number porting. You get a confirmation email with an attachment PDF with your porting data.
  • notice periods
    • The authorization also applies to your current provider as a termination. Please pay attention to the cancellation date and any additional costs for non-timely cancellation. Contact your current provider in case of doubt.
  • For questions about your current cancellation conditions:
    • Swisscom: 0800 800 800
    • Orange: 0800 700 700
    • Sunrise: 0800 505 505
    • Cabelcom: 0800 66 88 66
  • Send PDF
    • Send us the signed PDF. We then forward a copy to your previous telephone provider.
  • Check the details
    • Your current telephone service provider checks the incoming data to ensure accuracy. It is important for all information to be filled in-otherwise the port is rejected. The registered there number holder and the data given on the authority of the person and address must match. Give therefore the address under which your contract with the previous supplier was completed.
  • Porting date
    • In the form of a desired porting date. The note "immediately” is not effective because the port takes 10 days to complete even in the best case. By specifying a date you facilitate us the completion of the order.
  • Changeover schedule
    • If the porting request is accepted, you and your current provider will receive a confirmation with the final date of the changeover.
Analog Number 39.00
ISDN Number Block (3 to 5 numbers)49.00
Partial Port (your number will remain on the existing terminal)15.00
All prices in CHF exclude 8% OFF tax
Important Information
  • Previous xDSL connections
    • For your xDSL connection, a number must remain with your xDSL provider. If operating an analog landline connection with xDSL, this number can only be ported if you no longer require xDSL in the future.
  • Note for existing supplementary services
    • If you obtain services that require a contract for a phone line, they will be automatically ended on the cancelation date. That may mean that additional infringement charges will be billed by your current provider. In order to avoid such additional costs, all additional agreements - by you yourself and respective limitations – must be terminated directly on the latest end date of the telephone connection with your previous providers. Your change of the telephone connection does not release the obligation to pay outstanding debts to your previous provider.
Your Voice over and IP phone abroad

International Numbers

Need a number in Venezuela, China or even in Puerto Rico? No problem! We offer a phone number or numbers for your desired country. Whether you want to call or receive calls. It is now possible with our product. Interested? We are happy to help.

Please note, if you are calling an international phone number from Switzerland in the country of origin of this number, you will be charged in any case the international fee. This means you then call not with the national rate, because you are calling from Switzerland. However, with the national area code you can be called from this international destination at the national rate.

Also, please keep in mind that Fax over VoIP (FoIP) is not possible from international destinations, as this will depend on the in-country providers or the transit providers.

Shall we order a number for you? If so, we need a postal address in the desired country, and we can specify the order.

The following countries are available:
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Dominican Republic
  • ...
Memorable and Affordable

Top Numbers

Voicetec Top Numbers are particularly memorable and affordable phone numbers. We are happy to search out a desired number for you. Top numbers are assigned directly through us upon request.

  • TOP 1 category
  • CHF200-
  • ascending/descending final 2 number blocks
  • 3 repeated ending digits
  • TOP 2 category
  • CHF400-
  • 2 x same final 2-digit number blocks
  • 2 x 2 same final digits
  • 3 x ascending/descending 2-digit number blocks
  • 3 x zeros at end
  • TOP 3 category
  • CHF800-
  • 3 x 2 same digits
  • 2 x same final 3-digit number blocks
  • 3 x same 2-digit ending
  • 2 x 100er blocks at end
  • 3 x ascending/descending 3-digit number blocks
  • 3 x blocks with repeated digits

The phone numbers are solely for your personal use and are not transferable.

The case of withdrawal of the phone number due to termination of access or contract or resulting from regulatory, operational or technical reasons (for example, when moving out of an area code) is not entitled to a refund of the above article nor other compensation

Tailored For Your Business Needs

Business Numbers

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